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What We Do?

AR Apps

Providing immersive experiences through augmented reality. We envison to create stunning augmented reality experiences through apps we use everyday. How about chatting in AR? how about navigating in AR? Imagine the possibilities

AR Games

Ushering into a new era of gaming with augmented reality. Our mission is aim transform your reality. Opening the door to infinate possibilities. Imagine fighting aliens in your street or living room, experience all this and much more with Scanta's immersive AR games

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Say good bye to conventional basketball games and
dive into a new take on basketball with a flying board.
Let's Play!

  Immersive augmented reality experience
  Unlock new stylish basketball skins
  Exciting gameplay
  Simple and intuitive controls
  Global Leaderboard

Polygoons is an augmented Reality FPS shooter game. Take on a robotic avatar to save the world against evil polygonal beings.

  Exciting augmented Reality gameplay
  More than 24 unique characters
  Addictive gameplay
  Unlock awesome weapons
  Global Leaderboard
  In game surprises

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