Bringing Augmented Reality to life with ‘virtual humans’ using Artificial Intelligence – the mission of Scanta

It’s brilliant because machine learning and the ability, as you say, to give a personality to these interactions, that is a game-changer. - Alexander Ferguson

Scanta - A marketplace for AR communication

Bryan Colligan of Alphagrowth interviews Chad (Chaitanya Hiremath) of Scanta at the Starfish Mission booth at Founder World

Scanta - First Indian company to win Sharktank Showcase

Scanta participated and won the prestigious 2018 Shark Tank Showcase in San Francisco in January. This marks the first time that a company from India has won the SF Shark Tank Showcase.

Scanta - We are excited to partner with multiple brands.

Chaitanya Hiremath, Founder & CEO of Scanta gets interviewed at Founder World 2018 | Blockchain Impact.

What fuels us

Scanta introduces Pikamoji to China

ETC Labs Presents: Scanta

Saudi Arabia Invites Scanta to MISK Global Forum 2018

Scanta wins 2018 Shark Tank Showcase

Scanta Wins 2018 Draper University Summer Pitch Competition

Saudi Arabia Invites Scanta to MISK Global Forum 2018

Startups that are betting on augmented reality and vernacular voice recognition