Augmented reality app Scanta takes soft marketing to new virtual level
Posted by Scanta

Augmented reality games can transform the regular gaming scenario to an awe-inspiring gaming experience where you can explore the unexplored arenas of stepping into the world which you have only dreamt about. We have done an extensive experiential observation for you to have the best of augmented reality, convenient enough to get your hands on without using heavy gears or large setups. After collecting the relevant data to provide information about the holistic experience and making the best use of human-computer interaction, Scanta App has the features which deserve your attention. All you need is a smartphone or a console. Prepare your smart phones for a great AR experience coming out of detailed research which will optimize your leisure into an extraordinary experience. It’s a regular drive or a walk and there are all the possibilities of turning the tables around by optimizing the environment according to your level of utilization. All you have to do is log in the app, where you have your personalized dock and easy to navigate animated basketball. The application takes the help of your back camera and places certain targets which you have to aim to take a score! Now the best part of placing the targets is you get to personalize it into scanjis like a basket, a doodie, or even a smiley. Making it more interactive, all you have to do is to invite your friends to join the game and convert it into a challenge. With the feature of inviting your fellow players to Scanta for a quick conversation, you can connect over with the players across the globe,giving an edge to your playing experience by having multi- faceted feedbacks and interactions.

Here are some features of the Application which is unique to its experience

  1. AR-based Emojis on Scanta

    Scanta has introduced Scanjis, virtual 3D emoji’s that amalgamates your real world with the virtual world as it appears to be present in your surroundings when tapped on the Scanta Application. You can send these Scanjis to anyone around the world via Scanta Chat. The recipient can augment them in ‘his/her own environment’. These scanjis can also be customised according to the needs and desires of the user thereby giving new ways of expression.

    To give a variety for expression, Scanta has worked in all dimensions and techniques and has introduced a feature where the recipient or sender can choose to screen record the experience and share it via favourite social media platform. This is how Scanta forms the first platform which enables sharing of content and redefine chatting and gaming experience.

  2. AR Gaming on Scanta

    Scanta is not an individual gaming app; it is a one stop shop for AR games and provides its users with a wide variety of AR games to choose from. It has been designed and developed in a highly compact manner which enables all the games on Scanta to be under 25 MB while a usual game on the app store is between 100- 150 MB.
    Users can play immersive AR games via app and challenge their friends in real-time. The challenges are sent across using Scanta Chat asking the recipient to join the game. With all the power tools and control over your gestures and motion sensing skills, the game provides you with extra-ordinary experience of multi-global gaming battle.

    Prepare yourself to get your hands on new games coming out every month.