Accuro™ performs State-Of-the-Art data augmentation to help
improve Machine Learning models.

Accuro™ can be used on various text-based Machine Learning tasks to help build better models by enabling them to see more data than before so they can learn better.

Some use cases of Accuro™

Sentiment Analysis

Topic Modeling

Text Summarization



Text Entailment

Meet Our Products

How does it work ?

Accuro™ can be widely applied to data platforms for a variety of applications, ranging from marketing to customer service. In ACCURO, the data gets processed through different “state-of-the-art” augmentation techniques for predefined NLP tasks like Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling, Machine Translation, Document Summarization, etc.

The “state-of-the-art” augmentation techniques include seven augmenters. These are Character augmenter, Spelling augmenter, Synonym replacement, Similar word replacement.


Our State-Of-The-Art products with cutting-edge technology helps in improving model performance.

Easy to integrate

Our products are easy to integrate in production pipelines without affecting workflows.


Apart from saving your time and money, we make sure that our products are reliable on edge-cases.