Humanizing machine interactions

Scanta’s core technology is the Personality Engine™, which enables machines to adopt and replicate human personalities, have meaningful interactions with people, and continuously evolve from those interactions

Our data scientists, psychologists, and engineers are hard at work building the most compelling technology to create these intelligent personalities. This makes it possible to have engaging, immersive, and personable connections with machines, bridging a major gap in human-machine interaction

Artificially intelligent, Humanely expressive

Personality Engine

Our Personality Engine™ can create an unlimited number of unique personalities which enables the deep and rich interactive conversations that are essential to immersive human-machine interactions. It is based on the OCEAN psychological model of personalities, which categorizes personalities through the 5 major attributes of openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism.

How does it work?
Based on the input, Personality Engine returns with a meaningful response that is expressed with a defined personality without compromising the quantitative facts.

NLP output – “The temperature today is 95°”

Personality Engine™ output “ It’s going to be really hot outside today, the temperature will reach 95°. Don’t forget your sunscreen if you’re going out”

Neural Voice Transfer

Our neural voice transfer technology (NVT) imitates human tone, pitch, and speech rate, creating natural sounding voices for our machines.This removes the robotic monotony found in present AI assistants, while also enabling the user to enact speech synthesis and reproduce features from human voices.

Natural Language Processing

Our Deep Natural Language Processing models are programmed to analyze the user’s language and sentence structure (syntax), determine the context and intent (semantics), and respond accordingly. An intuitive approach, our NLP algorithm gets better and better with every sentence, just as a child would learn their language.

Empowered AI

Scanta’s technology can be used to bring to life all forms of AI interactions. Whether it’s a chatbot, game character, virtual assistant, or a robot, our Personality Engine™ provides a new level of connection to every interaction between humans and machines. What’s even better is that each AI interaction can have a unique and distinctive personality, making our technology perfect for building unparalleled and scalable experiences.

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