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From providing thought leadership in newspapers and magazines to being highlighted on TV shows and in international competitions, Scanta is active in sharing our vision and showing our technology to the world. Check out some of our favorite TV appearances, articles, awards and interviews below.

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Discovery Channel, Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates is on a nation-wide treasure hunt to solve a mystery no one has cracked for 40 years: The Secret. See how Scanta helped the Expedition Unknown team uncover long lost secrets.

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Future of Work

What are ML attacks?
Why do they exist?
What do they look like?
Join Chaitanya Hiremath, CEO at Scanta Inc as he dives deep into the future of security for ML systems and conversational AI on this episode.

Shark Tank Showcase 2018

Scanta participated in and won the prestigious 2018 Shark Tank Showcase in San Francisco. Check out the winning moments!

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