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New CTO Kaushik brings to Scanta 20 years of security, networking, and cloud engineering experience from companies like Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Motorola, Sophos, and HP.

San Francisco, California, October 7, 2020 – Scanta, a San Francisco based AI company with a mission to protect conversational systems from cyberattacks, is pleased to announce the appointment of Anil Kaushik to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kaushik joins Scanta with over 20 years of experience in the fields of IT security, networking, and cloud engineering. Mr. Kaushik will be responsible for managing all aspects of R&D and Product Planning for the firm. He will be responsible for the company’s Machine Learning research and understanding trends in the security space.

“We are thrilled to have Anil join the Scanta team,” said Chaitanya Hiremath, CEO of Scanta. “Anil demonstrates all of the leadership qualities we were looking for in a CTO including extensive industry experience, visionary thought leadership, and excellent management skills.”

Prior to joining Scanta, Anil served as the Data Platform Engineering Head of the Cloud Platform Group at Sophos. He was also responsible for leading the wireless team of its Network Security Group and was one of the founding members of the Wireless Sync Security Team. He has also worked for leading technology companies like Fortinet, Juniper Network, Motorola, and HP. Anil is a member of the WBA and WiFi alliance and has been his company’s representative at multiple patent committees in the past. Anil holds close to 60 patents in networking, security, and cloud and has authored and presented peer-reviewed papers to the IEEE.

“The opportunity as CTO of Scanta allows me to pursue my passions for cybersecurity, conversational systems, and cloud platforms,” said Kaushik. “I look forward to building the team and shaping the products that will help secure conversational platforms for companies around the world.”

Kaushik will be developing and implementing the overall product roadmap and technology strategy for Scanta. He will manage all aspects of Research and Development and Product Planning on a worldwide basis for the firm. He will also engage with the company’s business development teams to promote the company’s products to the market and translate customer requirements into innovative, market-leading security solutions.

About Scanta

Scanta is a San Francisco, California based AI company on a mission to secure conversational systems from cyberattacks by developing Zero Trust security solutions to monitor and protect them. Scanta’s VA Shield software protects these systems by monitoring both the network and conversational levels so companies can safely and widely deploy them. This requires a company with a deep understanding of AI, machine learning, natural language processing, cybersecurity and data science. Scanta combines these skills to create a new level of security empowered to stop attacks on a wide range of conversational systems.