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With over 25 years of experience in technology, Peters is a high-impact and award-winning Silicon Valley based leader with success in billion-dollar multinationals and high-tech startups.

San Francisco, California, September 2nd, 2019 – Scanta, a San Francisco based AI company with a mission to protect conversational systems from cyberattacks, is pleased to announce the hiring of Dirk Peters as the Chief Revenue Officer of Scanta. He will be leading the sales, marketing, and public relations teams as well as chart corporate strategy, oversee company partnerships, and direct the firm’s go-to-market tactics.

“We are very excited to have Dirk on board. We were looking for a leader who combined experience with emerging technologies, growth strategies, and startups making Dirk the ideal fit for the position,” said Chaitanya Hiremath, CEO of Scanta.

Prior to joining Scanta, Dirk was engaged with major trends such as the merging of computer and consumer technology, the emergence and expansion of digitally delivered video, and most recently in the deployment and protection of machine learning-powered AI solutions.

“I wanted to join a company in the AI space that was pushing the technology envelope and trying to solve very hard problems nobody had taken on before. I saw Scanta trying to do exactly that,” said Peters on joining Scanta.

Peters spent the last 15 years with Ittiam Systems and MainConcept LLC, where he focused on licensing advanced video technology to digital media companies worldwide. This technology became the backbone of the leading OTT and digital video systems in the market today. Dirk has a passion for building companies and has been deeply involved with 8 successful corporate mergers and acquisitions over his career.

Dirk will be developing and implementing the strategic vision for sales, marketing, and public relations and will lead these teams world-wide. He will also develop the go-to-market plan for the company and help understand the needs and requirements of customers based on his experience.

About Scanta

Scanta is a San Francisco, California based AI company on a mission to secure conversational systems from cyberattacks by developing Zero Trust security solutions to monitor and protect them. Scanta’s VA Shield software protects these systems by monitoring both the network and conversational levels so companies can safely and widely deploy them. This requires a company with a deep understanding of AI, machine learning, natural language processing, cybersecurity and data science. Scanta combines these skills to create a new level of security empowered to stop attacks on a wide range of conversational systems.